What is my site going to cost? Probably much less than you thought.

Although each project will be bid on an individual basis, the following guidelines may give you an idea of how much you might expect to pay.

Service Price
One basic web page (text, images, tables) $100
Advanced features
(Dynamic page content through AJAX, slide show, photo gallery, database integrations, etc.; per page)
Email services integration $250
E-commerce setup
(includes the shopping cart set up and payment integration)
E-commerce products
(price for each page of products you wish to add to your site)
Domain services
(acquisition of a new or existing domain name, per domain name)
(per year, includes domain maintenance)
Maintenance is charged at the same rate as development -- each page maintained will be charged as if developed anew. Keep in mind that most day-to-day maintenance will be done by the client using the supplied content management solution.

As an example of how this adds up, consider the iSACRA site that dccSites developed. This site comprises 21 pages, with one slide show, two photo galleries, and an advanced e-commerce solution to manage their donation needs. All told, this site would have cost $3600 to set up, and $150/year to maintain (presuming no major site changes were required). (iSACRA did not pay this cost — this project was performed pro bono.)

The iSACRA site is actually a quite large project. Most small businesses will not need anything nearly as complex. My own company's site (that you are reading now) would come in at only $650 to set up and $150/yr to host.

We at dccSites feel confident we can find a solution to meet your budget. Contact us to find out how.